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List an AD user’s group membership

September 12, 2012

Here’s an easy way to list an Active Directory user’s group membership using the dsget and dsquery AD commands.

These commands are only available on your Windows 7 machine if you have installed the Remote Server Administration Tools for AD.

The dsget command requires the UserDN. Use the dsquery command to get the UserDN.

Open a powershell console.


dsquery user -name “Joe Bloggs”

This will give you back the UserDN:

“CN=Joe Bloggs, OU=Head Office,OU=Users,DC=company, DC=local”

Copy this UserDN and paste it into the following dsget command:

dsget user  “CN=Joe Bloggs, OU=Head Office,OU=Users,DC=company, DC=local” -memberof

This will display the DNs of all the groups that user is a member of.

You can export this to a text /csv file using >C:\joebloggs.txt at the end of the dsget command.


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